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EU to debate strengthening ties with Israel

International Photo exhibition "No(rmal) childhood in Palestine?"
Friday 15 October 2004 at 16.30 [details hierna]
Institute of Social Studies in The Hague

Endless Israeli crimes in Gaza
- http://www.pchrgaza.org
- Union of Health Work Committee, bericht hierna
  Contact info@gaza-health.org
- Death and destruction in Gaza continues  10/3/2004
- Delaying Tactics
  October 09, 2004, MIFTAH
  “occupation is terrorism”....

EU-chair The Netherlands keeps silent
- Onthullend antwoord Bot op Kamervragen over het uitnodigen van Sharon

ISM, along with International and Israeli Activists, Join Palestinians in Olive Harvest  10/5/2004

NPK/WL, 11-10-2004

PRESS RELEASE                                      09/10/2004
New Massacre in JABALIA
Dear Friends,
As usual, Gaza Strip, especially with its Jabalia refugee camp remains the preferred target for Sharon. As if he wants to kill it entirely with its entire crowded neighborhood. Blood and massacres will not come to an end with Sharon.
The full support he is getting from the USA (two days before, Bush Government used VETO in the Security Council to prevent the passage of resolution to urge Israel to withdraw its forces from North of Gaza ) is encouraging him to exacerbate his attacks and go on with his aggression and crimes!
The international media, in spite of some progress, is still biased depending on double standard while commenting on the Middle East…using terrorism and anti-Semitism as excuses for Israel to perpetrate their barbaric actions.
As we feel that the Arab Countries seems helpless and torn as they are unable to provide us with some concrete support especially that words alone today seem so empty compared to the enormity of what we are living.
As I am writing to you right now, I have just informed that an Israeli tank has targeted a home of one of our staff member in Jabalia and demolish his house and killed him and his unkle and three of the same family were seriously injured. His name is AMIN SALEM, he was the personnel officer in our H.Q, he was a father of one child!!! The entire world is witnessing these scandalous and outrageous acts, and yet no concrete step has been taken!!!!
Union of Health Work Committee
Board of Directors

From: Gaza Health
To: Gaza Health
Sent: Sunday, October 03, 2004 2:40 PM
Subject: Medics Under Fire

Medics Under Fire
On the 29th of September Israeli occupying forces launched huge military operation against Jabalia refugee camp, north of Gaza strip, during the 1st few days of the operation  57 were killed and 280 were injured , the operation is going on.
According to Al Awda hospital medical resources,  38 cases out of the 110 injured, that received medical care at the hospital alone were children, the nature and site  of the injuries shows the determination of the Israeli army to kill and to cause disabilities too, the majority of people who were either injured or killed were civilians, in addition more than 40 houses  were completely demolished, that made 350 people homeless , the water and electricity infrastructure were destroyed, the power and water are cut of the area till the minute.
 The Union of Health Work Committees as grass rooted health org,  find it extremely  difficult to reach the chronic and routine medical cases (e.g. Heart – kidney – asthmatic children and high risk pregnant women and women in labour)  who are in need for medical care services ,the hospital received many emergency calls from those patients and medical teams were not allowed to enter  the  military operation area that is close to the site of Al Awda hospital , evacuation of injured is extremely difficult and it is life threatening to the health causalities officers who are working under fire.
The hospital is coping with the situation with difficulty and its medical emergency supplies is largely exhausted, beside the great demand of normal logistics like food supplies for inpatients and staff and  fuel for the electrical generator.
The situation is a real humanitarian crisis and the military operation is continuing as it was announced by the Israeli army.
 What's going on at the moment at Jabalia refugee camp is a real health humanitarian crisis.
We appeal to you to spread this information to all health organizations, institutions in order to put pressure on Israel to stop this aggression. We also warn from more anticipated health draw backs of this military operation against Palestinian civilians in Jabalia.
Your solidarity and practical support is highly needed at this time.
Yours in solidarity,,,,
Dr. Mona El Farra
UHWC – Gaza


On behalf of the Palestinian civil society, the Palestine Monitor calls on all members of the international community and on all friends around the world to organize protest campaigns and help us in delivering our simple but urgent message –


We need your help to bring our message to the world. The wave of Israeli attacks against the Palestinian population has reached unprecedented proportions. The Israeli Occupation army's policy of daily killing has been escalating. Despite this situation, the international media is unfortunately not covering such terrible events.

On October 5th, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) killed, IN COLD BLOOD, a 13 year old Palestinian school girl from the Yebna refugee camp. Iman Sameer Al-Hams was shot and killed by 20 live bullets while she was on her way to an UNRWA school in the Gaza Strip city of Rafah, near the Palestinian-Egyptian border.

Today, October 7th, Israeli forces also killed 2 fourteen-year-old children in Jabalya refugee camp: Raed Abu Zeid and Sliman Abu Foul were also on their way to school when Israeli tanks fired at them.

According to Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, Director of HDIP, from September 2000 until the 29th of September, 2004, two to three Palestinians were killed by Israeli soldiers, police or settlers per day. Since the Israeli attack on Gaza started on September 29th, 2004, this death rate has increased to more than 13 Palestinians killed per day. The total number of dead in these days is nearing 100, including 27 children.

Had we had the population of the Unites States, this would mean that 1,180 Americans are killed per day.

Had we had the population of the UK, this would mean that 211 Britons are killed per day.

These actions of the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza clarify the planned and deliberate polices being implemented by Israel to pre-empt any establishment of a viable Palestinian state, as declared by Dov Weisglass, a top Israeli official who told Haaretz newspaper that Ariel Sharon's Gaza withdrawal plan was deliberately formulated to block peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

We call on you to ACT NOW:

1. Demonstrate and raise your voice against the Israeli army actions.
2. Call for an immediate end to the Israeli attacks.
3. Call for the international protection of the Palestinian population.
4. Call on sanctions on Israel as long as it does not abide by international law.

Call the nearest Israeli Embassy in your area, or send your protests to the Israeli Government on these email addresses:
PM Ariel Sharon, rohm@pmo.gov.il; pm@pmo.gov.il , Fax: +972-2-5664838

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sylvan Shalom: sar@mofa.gov.il; Fax: +972-2-5303506

Defense Minister, Shaul Mofaz: sar@mod.gov.il; Fax: 972-3-697-6990

Minister of Justice, Yosef Lapid: sar@justice.gov.il , Fax: 972-2-6285438

Should you require further detailed breakdown please contact jennifer@hdip.org
 or muzna@hdip.org

For more information on Gaza, please see here


Sun, 10 Oct 2004

Press release

International Photo exhibition "No(rmal) childhood in Palestine?" , at the
Institute of Social Studies in The Hague, Friday 15 October 2004 at 16.30
hrs.  Followed by a presentation and discussion.

While working with a Palestinian Human Rights organization, two legal
researchers in international law, Anne (the photographer from France) and
Karine (Quebec) traveled around the West Bank and collected numerous
pictures and field reports.  Back in Europe, they have organized an
international photo exhibition on day-to-day life of Palestinian children
in order to raise awareness on the reality of the situation for
Palestinians, and especially children, and to share their experience. The
exhibition focuses on the impact of the occupation on children by showing
the way it affects their daily life and their fundamental rights. It
includes 45 black and white; 25 color pictures and 3 giant pictures of the
Wall, as well as explanatory texts. The pictures as well as some cards and
postcards will be sold as a way to fund the project and raise money for a
young handicapped Palestinian woman, who urgently needs a surgery.  After
The Hague, the exhibition will move to Nijmegen.

The opening of the exhibition will be on Friday 15 October at 16.30 hrs ,
by Her Excellency Mme Khadija Hassan Salman Al Luweti, Ambassador to Oman
in The Netherlands, Dean of the Arabic ambassadors to The Netherlands.The
opening will be followed by a presentation and a discussion. The exhibition
will run until 28 October.

Location: Institute of Social Studies, Kortenaerkade 12, The Hague phone :
070 4260511

Opening Hours: 9am-10pm. The photographer will be present each working day
between 12.00 and 14.00 hrs

Contact: info@tourbillonphoto.com/

Or : Martin Blok, Institute of Social Studies
phone : 070 4260511 e-mail: blok@iss.nl

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