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Vanwege de hoorzittingen van het Internationaal Gerechtshof over de muur zijn er twee manifestaties georganiseerd, welkom.

Details hierna.

Kom vooral naar de actie Stop de Apartheidsmuur op 23 februari!

Toon de wereldpers hoe in Den Haag wordt gedemonstreerd voor recht voor de Palestijnen.


International Court of Justice

Zie http://www.icj-cij.org/icjwww/iwhats.htm


Hell walking on earth
Under the world's clouded gaze the State of Israel is ethnically cleansing the citizens of Rafah. Not a single excuse remains for inaction, writes Mustafa Barghouti*

The village against the fence, Amira Hass

NPK/WL, 15-2-2004




Symposium 21 February 2004

" The Wall in Palestine: illegality and consequences"


On the 23rd of February the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague will open the hearings on the Wall that Israel is constructing on Occupied Palestinian Territory. The hearings will take place in the context of the United Nations General Assembly's request  to the ICJ to urgently render an advisory opinion on the legal consequences of the Wall.


Internationally, the construction of the Wall has triggered a great deal of indignation due to its large-scale and grave violation of the human rights of the Palestinian people. The political consequences are unequivocal: the large-scale annexation of Palestinian land will undermine the chances of a viable future Palestinian state.


Prior to the start of the hearings by the ICJ,  the Netherlands Stop the Wall Coalition [*] and the United Civilians for Peace have organized a symposium together with PENGON/ Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign. The symposium will focus on the legal aspects and humanitarian consequences of the Wall. The programme of the day is as follows: the route of the Wall will be illustrated. Legal experts will discuss the Wall in terms of international law. Palestinian victims will describe the impact on the daily lives of those affected. Politicians will be invited to present their views. There will be opportunity for debate with the public.  In an audio- visual side programme, a photo exhibition and documentary material pertaining to the Wall will be shown.


Date: 21 February 2004

Time: 11.00 till 19.00  

Location: Vrije Academie, Paviljoensgracht 20, The Hague (NL)

Entrance fee: 5

Language: English


Reservation required before 19 February

United Civilians for Peace: Tel: 030- 880 1539/34 or

E-mail: ucp@kerkinactie.nl


[*] Nederlands Palestina Komitee, Stop de Bezetting, Palestijnse Gemeenschap Nederland




23 FEBRUARI 2004, The Hague


That day the International Court of Justice in The Hague will open the hearings on the illegal apartheid wall on Occupied Palestinian Territory.


The Netherlands Stop the Wall Coalition together with  PENGON have organised


13.00 - 14.00hrs: PROTEST GATHERING at "Plein"


14.00hrs: DEMONSTRATIVE MARCH to The Peace Palace


14.30hrs: VIGIL At the Peace Palace


From 8.30 on an official delegation consisting of specially invited guests will represent the organization at the Court entrance.


Stop de muur!

Stop the wall!


Stop de bezetting!

Stop the occupation!


No justice - no peace!


Financial contributions to:

Palestina Komitee, Amsterdam

Postbank nr. 5579294




The organizers:

Nederlands Palestina Komitee


Palestijnse Gemeenschap


Stop de Bezetting



Press contact: henrivandevall@yahoo.com

Organisation contact: aresink@chello.nl


This call is by now supported by the International Socialists, Women in Black, Groen-Links werkgroep MO, BPP Haarlem, European Co-ordination of NGOs working on Palestine, the Belgo-Palestinian Association


Zie http://www.stopthewall.orgwww.pengon.org 





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