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Bezoek komende periode Palestina!
- Nederzettingenbouw gaat gewoon door; bezoekers hard nodig.
  In Jayyus, Destruction of Land and Uprooting of Trees Lays the Foundation for a New Settlement
  on Village Land Isolated by the Wall; December 18th, 2004
- Grassroots International Protection for Palestinian people (GIPP)
  Calls for observers during the Palestinian Elections
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NPK/WL, 19-12-2004
Dennis Brutus urged to build a "global movement in support of the Palestinian people" just like was done in South Africa. "We can do this by boycotts, divestments, embargoes and sanctions" he said.
15th December 2004
Grassroots International Protection for Palestinian people (GIPP)
Calls for observers during the Palestinian Elections


The 9th of January is the Election Day for the presidential elections in Palestine; the Palestinians have decided to go for elections despite of the impossibilities and obstacles posed by the Israeli Army against the Palestinian population. The recent news about the brutal and inhuman behavior of the Israeli soldiers on the checkpoints against some of  the candidates  proves that the Israeli government is obstructing the election process.      


In addition, Palestinians living in East Jerusalem have been intimidated during the registration process, with registration offices closed down, forcing them to register in offices in the West Bank.


Since there are still no guarantees from the “Israeli Occupying Forces” to allow the free movement of Palestinians during the election campaign, we are appealing to the international community including solidarity movements, parliamentarians and political parties:


-         To support and protect the Palestinian people to achieve their right to vote for a president, as this will guarantee the emerging of a legitimate leadership that is chosen by the people.

-         To support the Palestinians in their endeavor to have a free and fair election process including the campaigning and the voting process.

-         To witness on the whole election process and to monitor violations what ever these violations are and regardless from which side.

-         To report to the international community, governments and international media on the violations of the rights of the Palestinians to freely vote for their upcoming president


GIPP is calling on all international solidarity groups to support our rights in having a fair and free election process without restrictions and obstructions the main of which are the imposed siege and closures imposed by the Israeli occupying forces on the West Bank and Gaza.


GIPP is calling for your presence and active participation during the following weeks in Palestine including the Election Day on the 9th of Jan.


If you are interested in participating in the observation teams for the elections (as a group or as an individual) please contact us as soon as possible.


For any further information Contact: PNGO office at phone number + 972-2-2963847 or fax +972-2-2963848

or e-mail gipp@pngo.net



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