NPK-info 10-01-2005- Nederlands Palestina Komitee /
- Voortgaande verdrijving
- 91% of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon say Abbas not qualified for defending intifada
- Representatives of Palestinian refugees abroad ask for holding PNC elections
Naar een rechtvaardige oplossing?
- After Arafat? Challenges and Prospects
  Middle East Briefing, 23 December 2004
- Free and Fair Palestinian Elections not Possible Under Military Occupation
  International Solidarity Movement, January 5, 2005
- Stand Still Like the Humming Bird: Towards a New Palestine 
  Am Johal, January 8, 2005
- Media grossly exaggerate Palestinian voter turnout
  Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 10 January 2005
- Alternative Information Center Palestinian elections website
Peres weer "terug", Peres-mythes ook o.a. bij Leo Kwarten in Volkskrant 7-1-2005 ["Peres ... onvermoeibare strijder op de weg van de vrede..."]
- http://www.chomsky.info/articles/19960423.htm
  "During the first three years of the Rabin-Peres Labor government, to July 1995, the number of settlers increased by 30% (not counting Greater Jerusalem)"
  "...creates the illusion that Sharon really wants peace..."
  "...Peres serves Sharon as a bullet-proof vest, protecting him from the bullets of criticism, while Sharon continues ....... his war against the Palestinian people..."
  "One of the main initiators of the 1956 war, in the company of two foul colonialist regimes (France and Britain, at the time).."
NPK/WL, 10-1-2005



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