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Wat in "onze media" niet of nauwelijks in beeld komt [vooral niet]
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N.B. Nu meer dan 446,000 kolonisten in Oost-Jeruzalem en verdere West-Bank!
- Sharon confirms fears of further Israeli expansion in the West Bank
Report, Christian Aid, 25 August 2005
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Delegation headed by former Dutch prime minister Van Agt witness restrictions on movement
- Report, UCP, 25 August 2005
- Final Statement Delegation. Call for EU to hold Israel to Account
Sunday, August 28, 2005
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NPK/WL, 28-8-2005

From: "International Solidarity Movement" neta_golan@yahoo.com
To: palmedialert@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [palmedialert] IDF soldiers attack Peaceful Demonstration with Rubber Bullets
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 12:56:07 -0000

A Peaceful Demonstration in Bil'in Village, Palestine, was
attacked today by the Israeli military, using rubber bullets,
tear gas and sound grenades.

There were 4 wounded including a 61 year old peace activist
from Los Angeles, USA, who was injured by a tear gas cannister,
and required hospital treatment, her condition is not
considered to be critical. Two Israeli activists and a Canadian
have been detained.

Villagers, International Volunteers from ISM and the IWPS and
Israelis, gathered today in Bil'in to protest against the
construction of the Apartheid Wall. This will rob Bil'in of 52%
of their agricultural land this land has been earmarked for
settlement expansion. Focussing on the IDF's increasing use of
violence to protect illegal settlements, and using the slogan
"Guns Kill Peace" around 200 protesters approached the site of
the Wall and confronted the soldiers.

Israeli activists attempted to engage the soldiers in dialogue,
asking soldiers why they were protecting illegal settlements and
pointing out that these were an obstacle to peace. Soldiers
responded by throwing sound grenades and opening fire, with
tear gas and rubber bullets;these were being fired directly at
the crowd against all protocols. The demonstration had been
completely peaceful up to this point with community leaders ensuring
that there was no stone throwing or provocation. Soldiers later
openned fire on crowds of Palestinian children who had been
dancing and singing during the protest.

The demonstrations in Bil'in have been met with increasing
violence by the IDF. The villagers see the non-violent protests
as a vital means of channelling anger and frustration at the
increase in human-rights abuses and land-grabs.

An ISM spokesperson stated.

"The increasing use of force by the
IDF when confronting a peaceful demonstrations, shows Sharon's
determination to force through his illegal settlement policy in
the West Bank, and quell any dissenting voices by force if
necessary. It also suggests that democracy and human rights are
only to be enjoyed by Israeli citizens and therefore he does not see
the Palestinians as human beings."

there will be footage of the demonstraton later today on the ISM
website at www.palsolidarity.org
For more information phone the ISM office on:
00972 2971824


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