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Verkiezingen 22-11-2006, zie hierna wat kan helpen bij een keuze.
En [nog deze week te zien] TV-Buitenhof van 5-11-2006 via
http://www.uitzendinggemist.nl/ dit
Ronald Plasterk: Israel heeft genoeg VN-resoluties genegeerd om alle ramen van het
torentje mee dicht te plakken.
En Balkenende in discussie met o.a. Maarten van Rossum over Irak, Afghanistan, ..... 
En zie hierna wat onze regering(spartijen) niet interesseert m.b.t. Gaza nu.
Dr. Mona Elfaraa from Al Awda hospital, Jabalya, Gaza
PMRS Urgent Appeal to End Gaza Carnage: 47 Gazans Killed, including more than 21
Civilians, in 5 Days of Israeli Bloodshed

NPK/WL, 7-11-2006   
Kamerverkiezingen 22-11-2006
- Verkiezingsprogramma's checken 
- Wat partijen hebben gedaan is o.a. te zien via 
http://www.bbo.org/ned/index.htm bij politieke documenten
Levert o.a.

Sent: Tuesday, November 07, 2006 10:27 AM
Subject: media contacts + Testimony from Al Awda hospital, Gaza (OSB partner UHWC)

November 6th, Dr. Mona Elfaraa from Al Awda hospital, Jabalya, Gaza:

"No-one is safe. This morning little five and six-year old children,
wounded in a missile attack, were brought to our hospital.  They were
shaking and crying with fear. Their teacher Najwa Kholeef had been
wounded in the head. A sixteen-year old boy and twenty-year old man had
been killed.

I have seen some of the shrapnel that was recovered from the previous
day's injuries , marked clearly with USA, the shrapnel and the kinds of
wounds are unusual , surgeons have not come across them before , some
of the bodies with totally burnt, limbs are missing and one of the
bodies was covered with hundreds of pieces of small shrapnel.  We do
not have the time and facilities to investigate the causes.

Tanks and armored vehicles have been surrounding the Beit Hanoun
hospital for the last six days and preventing medical volunteers and
victims of violence from reaching it.

On Sunday our colleagues, 21 year old ambulance driver Ahmad Madhun and
medical volunteer Mustafa Habib were murdered and Dannielle Abu Samra
was wounded while trying to tend to the wounded. "

English-speaking media contacts in Gaza :

Dr Mona Elfaraa, Doctor at Al Awda Hospital in Beit Hanoun.
Tel: +972 599 410 741 and +970 82846602
Dr Abu Ala'a, Professor at Gaza University.
Tel: + 972 599441766
Dr Asad A. Shark, Gaza Strip, + 972 599 322636
Dr Ayoub Othman, + 972 599 412 826
Yousef Alhelou, Journalist based in Beit Hanoun.
Tel: + 972599697254. Email: 


Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2006 3:36 PM

PMRS Urgent Appeal to End Gaza Carnage: 47 Gazans Killed, including more than 21
Civilians, in 5 Days of Israeli Bloodshed
Ramallah, 05-11-06: PMRS urgently appeals to its friends and partners around the
world to take immediate action to bring an end to 5 days of carnage in the northern
Gaza Strip, in which at least 47 Gazans have been killed, more than 21 of whom were
mostly civilians, including 7 children, 3 women, and 3 paramedics, since Israel
began its bloody re-invasion of Beit Hanoun last Wednesday.  A 12-year-girl was
killed by a single shot to the head from an Israeli sniper in Beit Hanoun on
Saturday evening. 
More than 200 Palestinians have also been injured in the same period, most of them
civilians, including approximately 43 women, 30 children, 1 paramedic, and 1
journalist. [1]
Gaza's health infrastructure, already buckling under the pressure of a financial
crisis brought about by cuts in international funding to the Palestinian Authority
and Israel's withholding of Palestinian tax monies, as well as prolonged border
closures and the deliberate bombing of Gaza's only domestic power plant by Israeli
warplanes on 28 June 2006, has reached breaking point.  A shortage of essential
medications and medical supplies due to a lack of funding and Israeli-imposed border
closures preventing the importation of such items, means that health workers in the
northern Gaza Strip are unable to cope with the sheer number of dead and injured.  
This situation is being exacerbated by the fact that the Israeli military is
forcibly preventing ambulance services from other areas of the Strip to access Beit
Hanoun.  On Friday 3 November for example, it took ambulance workers several hours
to reach the bodies of two women killed when Israeli troops opened fire on a group
of around 150 women who were peacefully marching towards a mosque in Beit Hanoun
where their male kin were being held by the Israeli military. [2]  
On the same day, three paramedics were also killed whilst attempting to reach the
dead and wounded.  Two medics were killed while attending to the casualties of an
Israeli missile strike in the western part of Beit Lahiya, when a second Israeli
rocket was launched, killing both men. [3] 
Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, MP and former president of PMRS, who is currently in Gaza,
reports that health workers also have to cope with new kinds of injuries resulting
from Israel's use of lethal weapons against civilians, including new dangerous
weapons which cause severe tissue damage, burning and tearing the victim's body from
the inside and leaving long term deformations.
PMRS urgently appeals to members of the international community to demand an
immediate end to Israel's indiscriminate attacks on women, children and other
civilians, which represent a form of reprisals and collective punishment in
violation of article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
PMRS calls on its friends and partners around the world to pressurize their
respective governments to take concrete action to end this carnage, which threatens
to plunge the region back into the depths of bloody conflict at the expense of
innocent Palestinians.  It also appeals to its partners working in Palestine to
support the Palestinian health system in coping with the deteriorating humanitarian
For more information on the crisis, and on ways to take action, please contact PMRS'
External Relations Department:
Tel: 00972-2-2969970/00972-599-940073
E-mail: bahia@pmrs.ps
[1] Al Mezan Centre for Human Rights.  5 November 2006.  IOF kill 44 Palestinians,
target a medical team, and escalate their extra-judicial assassinations in Gaza.
[2] PCHR.  4 November 2006.  For the 4th Consecutive Day: IOF Perpetrate
State-sponsored Terrorism in Beit Hanoun. 
http://www.pchrgaza.org/files/PressR/English/2006/122-2006.htm; Al Mezan Centre for
Human Rights: 5 November 2006.
[3] PCHR: 4 November 2006.



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