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Today in Palestine! http://www.theheadlines.org

Lebanese Cartoonist Mazen Kerbaj http://kurtnimmo.com/?p=501

Schiphol-actie 16-8 tegen wapendoorvoer naar IsraŽl; op NPK-site en o.a. op
Photostory: Protesters challenge US-Israel weapons flights through the Netherlands, 16 August 2006
Dutch Airport illegal weapons transport center for Israel, via http://www.bigcampaign.org/

Noteren: Grote Anti-oorlogs-demonstratie Zaterdag 23 September !
Op http://www.stopoorlog.nl/ flyer en meld daar het meedoen van organisaties. 

Cluster bombs await returning Lebanese, Monday 14 August 2006 
N.B. "...The UN's ceasefire resolution that was agreed on Saturday, calls on Israel
to provide "all remaining maps of land mines in Lebanon in Israel's possession".
Israel laid more than 400,000 mines during its previous occupation of south Lebanon
from 1978 to 2000....". Om die kaarten werd al lang gevraagd alsmede om opruimen ....
Vervolging medeplichtigen aan oorlogsmisdaden; niet alleen Tony Blair! 
Weekly Report: On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 

Humanitaire acties voor Palestina en Libanon: informatie in bijlage.

Rules of the Western Media in dealing with the Middle East, in bijlage.

NPK/WL, 17-8-2006

Humanitaire acties voor Palestina en Libanon

NOODHULP-ACTIE PMRS (Palestinian Medical Relief Society)
Postbankrekening: 557 92 94 t.n.v. Nederlands Palestina Komitee te Amsterdam o.v.v. PMRS
Zie http://www.xs4all.nl/~npk/Actueel/060606.noodhulp.htm

!HELP LIBANON! voor Secours Populaire Libanais door Stichting Gibran Kahlil Gibran .
Rekeningnr: t.n.v. Steungroep Libanon, Hoofddorp, o.v.v. Hulp Oorlogsslachtoffers.
Informatie: Kassem Fouani, tel. 023-56 423 98, mobiel 06-285 265 33, e-mail: fouani@wanadoo.nl 
E-mail Secours Populaire Libanais te Libanon: spl@inco.com.lb
En zie www.secourspopulaire.fr plus http://www.g3w.be/nl/index.php

Ontvangen 15-8-2006
Rules of the Western Media in dealing with the Middle East :

Rule 1: In the Middle East, it is always the Arabs that attack first, and it's always Israel who defends itself. This is called "retaliation". 

Rule 2: The Arabs, whether Palestinians or Lebanese, are not allowed to kill Israelis. This is called "terrorism".

Rule 3: Israel has the right to kill Arab civilians; this is called "self-defense", or these days "collateral damage". 

Rule 4: When Israel kills too many civilians. The Western world calls for restraint. This is called the "reaction of the international community". 

Rule 5: Palestinians and Lebanese do not have the right to capture Israeli military, not even a limited number, not even 1 or 2. 

Rule 6: Israel has the right to capture as many Palestinians as they want (Palestinians: around 10000 to date, 300 of which are children, Lebanese: 1000s to date, being held without trial). There is no limit; there is no need for proof of guilt or trial. All that is needed is the magic word: "terrorism" 

Rule 7: When you say "Hezbollah", always be sure to add "supported by Syria and Iran" 

Rule 8: When you say "Israel", never say "supported by the USA, the UK and other European countries", for people (God forbid) might believe this is not an equal conflict. 
Rule 9: When it comes to Israel, don't mention the words "occupied territories", "UN resolutions", "Geneva conventions". This could distress the audience of Fox. 

Rule 10: Israelis speak better English than Arabs. This is why we let them 
Speak out as much as possible, so that they can explain rules 1 through 9. This is called "neutral journalism". 

Rule 11: If you don't agree with these rules or if you favor the Arab side over the Israeli side, you must be a very dangerous anti-Semite. You may even have to make a public apology if you express your honest opinion (isn't democracy wonderful ?).

Source : http://fr.groups.yahoo.com/group/assawra/


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