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- Hamas Victory Redraws Political Map Of Middle East
January 27, 2006, Nidal al-Mughrabi
- Hamas Election Victory: A Vote for Clarity
Ali Abunimah, The Electronic Intifada, 26 January 2006
Quote: ".. Thus Hamas' success is as much an expression of the determination of Palestinians
to resist Israel's efforts to force their surrender as it is a rejection of Fatah. It reduces the conflict
to its most fundamental elements: there is occupation, and there is resistance..."
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- Speech Abbas bijgaand.
- VVD en CDA willen "financiële hulp" aan de Palestijnse gebieden bevriezen of stoppen.
Israel's kolonisatiepolitiek leidde hen nog nooit tot acties richting Israel; Israël heeft nog nooit geweld hoeven afzweren...
Advies Internationaal Gerechtshof juli 2004, VN, ach ....
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- Behind the Walls, in Israel
Quote: "...calls on the international community committed to peace and human rights to take all possible
and necessary steps to halt the growing legitimization of the phenomenon of racial separation in Israel..."
- IDF cantonizes W. Bank, sealing in Palestinians
Amira Hass, Haaretz Correspondent, 13/01/2006

NPK/WL, 27-1-2007

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January 27, 2006

The following is the unofficial translation of President Abbas' speech after the announcement of the results of the PLC elections:

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Our Palestinian people in the homeland and in the Diaspora, I address you today after I received the official results of the elections of our Legislative Council which were held with integrity and transparency.
I congratulate our people on this great democratic accomplishment which is considered a leading model that gained the respect of the whole world. I will conduct immediately the necessary consultations to start the formation of the new Palestinian government after the new PLC is sworn in.
I have to be honest with you and say that the next government has grave tasks and burdens; there are Palestinian-Israeli agreements starting with the Oslo Accords and the Arab Summits resolutions and ending with the resolutions that have been agreed upon by the international community, in particular the roadmap as the sole framework that is being posed now for implementation, and this is a plan that includes the vision of US President Bush on establishing two states living side by side and that the Israeli occupation that took place in 1967 must end and to solve the refugees issue according to Resolution 194 and the Arab Initiative in Beirut Summit.
All of this constitutes political principles and grounds upon which I was elected as President of the PNA and these represent core elements in the program of the PLO which I was entrusted to head.
The main goal of my people and authority and the government is to end the occupation and to establish the independent Palestinian state with al-Quds al-Shareef as its capital and the next government has to work with perseverance to gain the confidence of the international community and the international public opinion in order to confront the settlements activities in all their forms and the Apartheid wall and to release our heroic prisoners and establish our independent Palestinian state with al-Quds al-Shareef as its capital.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
In the same determination that I showed to hold the elections all over the homeland, including al-Quds al-Shareef, I am committed to implement the program upon which you elected me and this is a program understood by the whole world and it is a program based on the negotiations and a peaceful solution of the conflict with Israel. It is a program that clings to the national constants with regards to the independent sovereign state with al-Quds al-Shareef as its capital and which can guarantee the rights of our refugees; a program that seeks the unity of the Palestinian people within the context of the PLO which is the sole and legitimate representative of the Palestinian people and we will work God Willing to activate the role of the PLO and develop its role inside and outside since it is the higher reference that protects the national program and the declaration of the Palestinian independence and the resolutions of the PNC terms and all agreements and documents that we signed and committed to. Together God willing we will proceed to realize the dream for which dozens of thousands of martyrs sacrificed their lives for which is a free and independent Palestinian state; a democratic and prosperous state on the basis of clinging to our national unity and democracy and political pluralism and equality among all citizens and guarantee the personal freedoms and equality between man and woman as stressed in the Declaration of Independence.

Peace be upon you


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