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31 augustus 2006: minister Bot in Kamercie van 17 tot 19 uur
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- UN denounces Israel cluster bombs, 30 August 2006 (**)
- Fact file: Cluster bombs - introduction 
- Fears over cluster bomb clean-up 
- Beantwoording vragen Van Velzen over gebruik clusterbommen door IsraŽlisch leger,

En daarbij
- Gaza siege causing major health crisis, Report, IRIN, 29 August 2006
"Gaza hospitals are facing a crisis because of a western and Israeli economic
boycott, and an Israeli military offensive."

After Lebanon, Israel is looking for more wars, Jonathan Cook, 21 August 2006

NPK/WL, 31-8-2006

(*) waarin
- Toespraak: Nederland in de internationale betrekkingen: kritisch en constructief,
- Beantwoording vragen Wilders over het uitspreken van solidariteit met en steun van
IsraŽl en het IsraŽlische recht op zelfverdediging in de 
strijd tegen terrorisme, 28-08-2006 
- Kamerbrief speciale zitting VN-Mensrenrechtenraad inzake conflict in Libanon,
- Kamerbrief inzake verslag bezoek Midden-Oosten, 24-08-2006 
- Conflict IsraŽl/Libanon/Gaza - Kamerbrief, 03-08-2006 



UN denounces Israel cluster bombs 

Cluster bombs are causing injuries and deaths daily, the UN says 
The UN's humanitarian chief has accused Israel of "completely immoral" use of
cluster bombs in Lebanon. 
UN clearance experts had so far found 100,000 unexploded cluster bomblets at
359 separate sites, Jan Egeland said. 

"Ninety per cent of the cluster bomb strikes occurred in the last 72 hours of
the conflict, when we knew there would be a resolution," he said. 

Israel has previously said that munitions it uses in conflict comply with
international law. 

Earlier estimates from UN experts had suggested a total of about 100 cluster
bomb sites. 

Mr Egeland described the fresh statistics as "shocking new information". 

Factfile: Cluster bombs 
Cluster bomb clean-up fears 

"Cluster bombs have affected large areas - lots of homes, lots of farmland,"
Mr Egeland said. 

He added: "They will be with us for many months, possibly years. Every day,
people are maimed, wounded and killed by these weapons. It shouldn't have

Mr Egeland said his information had come from the UN Mine Action Co-ordination
Centre, which had undertaken assessments of nearly 85% of the bombed areas in

The UN ceasefire resolution which ended more than a month of conflict between
Israel and Hezbollah was agreed by the Security Council on Friday 11 August
and came into effect on Monday 14 August. 

Blockade defended 

Earlier, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert rebuffed UN calls for a swift end
to Israel's continuing air and sea blockade of Lebanon. 

Speaking after talks with UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, he said the siege
would only be lifted once the ceasefire was fully implemented. 

Olmert rebuffed Kofi Annan's call

Olmert and Annan 

Mr Olmert said that one of the key conditions was the release of the two
Israeli soldiers whose capture by Hezbollah sparked the crisis. 

A Lebanese Hezbollah cabinet minister said there would be no unconditional
release of the Israeli soldiers. 

Mr Annan and Mr Olmert also discussed the deployment of UN troops in Lebanon. 

The UN chief said he hoped Israel would withdraw from southern Lebanon once
5,000 UN peacekeepers were on the ground "in the coming days and weeks". 

The BBC's Jill McGivering, in Jerusalem, said Mr Annan and Mr Olmert emerged
from their meeting with little sign of the gap between them having narrowed. 

Regional tour 

Mr Annan's Jerusalem talks followed a visit to Lebanon as part of a regional
tour aimed at bolstering the truce between Israel and Hezbollah. 

After his talks in Israel, Mr Annan flew to the West Bank for talks with
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. 

At a joint press conference in Ramallah, Mr Annan said that more than 200
Palestinians had been killed since the end of June, and the violence had to

Mr Annan has now arrived in Jordan for talks with King Abdullah II. 



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